Custom Cake Design

Custom Cake Design

Custom Design or Custom Themed Cakes

This is a great way to inject some personality into your cake and come up with a design that truly reflects your unique interests and hobbies. This is our guide on how to plan your cake, choose your cake maker and get a cake you'll love.

You need to use a cake maker that has experience in this area and can show you some of the cakes they've designed. You need to expect this to be a two way process, it's not going to work if you tell your cake maker "I love Wombles, fishing and jet fighters" and expect them to make this work for you.

Try and stick to one theme or idea if you can, or, think about how to make them work together. So for example: a Womble sitting next to a river fishing would work. Or if you love travel and want to express that in a cake stick to that one idea and you can have something really impactful.

Wedding cake with planes and flowers

Beware of "yes, yes, yes", a good cake maker will be able to tell you what they can do but more importantly tell you what they can't do or what won't work. Not all makers use the same techniques or materials so don't assume any maker can make any cake. This means you need to leave enough time for you to find a cake maker who can make your idea come to life plus the time it actually takes to make the cake.

4th July Cake

Maybe you have something that really means a lot to your recipient or, that captures a time you want to reflect in your cake. It helps if you have pictures of what you'd like to feature on your cake. Here's a great example of a cake that a client wanted, it celebrates her husband's love of boating and features a model of a boat they used to own.

This is a custom cake that works, it has one clear and simple theme, using a photo we could recreate the boat as the client wanted and the client planned ahead giving us a month to get this right for her. Needless to say she absolutely loved her cake!

 The cake matters - it seems obvious but do check cake makers reviews, you want a cake that is moist, delicious and beautiful. Don't compromise on the quality of the cake to get the design you want. We use only the best ingredients and know where every one of them came from. 

Spend a bit of time searching Google images for your theme, there are a lot of cake pics out there and very often you'll find something that you can start from and you can send to your chosen maker to help the process.

Aubergue Cake

Sometimes simple is great, this client has a friend called Auberge, they've called her aubergine since they were at school, simples!

Floral Ring Cake

This is important - Make sure that you have an email from your maker that details the cake they think they are making for you. The picture you have in your head might not match the one in theirs. Very often designing a custom cake will involve lots of emails with a design evolving and emerging over the course of the conversation. Ask for a final summary email that describes the cake you are ordering.

OK in summary . . . 

1. Try to keep your theme simple - if possible one idea

2. Check cake makers reviews and ask to see pictures of custom cakes they've made.

3. Plan ahead, it's going to take time to find a maker, then they've got to make your cake.

4. If possible find pictures that show what you want in your theme.

5. Make sure that you have a summary design email.

6. Sit back, wait for your cake and then enjoy!!

If you'd like to discuss a custom cake with us click here to start the process.