Wedding Cake Size Guide

Wedding Cake Size Guide

Here's our guide to choosing the size of Wedding Cake you need. It's often a hard thing to be confident about, after all you might not know or can't visualise cake sizes.

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Does size really matter?

Unfortunately the answer is yes, you just don't want the embarrassing pause as your caterer realises they are running out of cake!

To plan your cake size you need to answer these three simple questions . . .

1. Do I care if my cake looks big or small?

This is about visual impact, if you are having a smaller event 40 guests or less you only need a small cake, maybe a small two tier or even a single cylinder cake.

But will that look big enough for your venue or tastes? Consider if the cake will be dwarfed by its surroundings. Will you want an impressive cake for that all important cutting ceremony and photo?

If visual impact is important to you, let your cake maker know this as you plan the size with them. Equally if you aren't really bothered then let them know you want just enough to cover your guests but not too much more.

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2. Am I serving a dessert as well as cake?

This is about portion size. There are two sizes to choose from and they affect the size and price of your cake.

Wedding Portion - these are small fingers of cake, imagine the top of your cake marked in a grid and then sliced into fingers. These portions are really tasters, everyone gets some cake but it's not intended to be a dessert course.

Proper Slices - these are what you would think of as a normal slice of cake. These portions are larger and can happily serve as the dessert course for your meal.

 Wedding Cake Portions

You might want to ask your cake maker to quote both options, the bigger the cake the bigger the saving.

Consider if you can cut your catering costs by not having a dessert and having proper cake slices instead.

3. How many guests are you catering for?

So, this is the obvious one. The more guests you have the larger your cake will need to be to cater for them all. But combine this with your answer to the portion size question. Smaller portions will give you more portions per tier and hence you can have a smaller and lower price cake.

Armed with this last answer use the chart below to help you decide what size cake you need. You may find that your number of guests doesn't exactly fit a combination of tiers, when this happens we always recommend the next size up.

Remember you really want to avoid running short of cake!


That's it! Now you can work out what size cake you need.

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